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Irukkangudi Dam

Irukkangudi Dam D01098

Salient Features

1.Name of DamIrukkangudi Dam
2.Dam Name Alias
3.Structure PurposeIrrigation
4.RiverVaippar, Arjuna
5.Nearest CitySattur
7.StateTamil Nadu
8.BasinEast flowing rivers between Pennar and Kanyakumari
10.Year of Commencement
11.Year of Completion2009
12.Operating & Maintainance AgencyWRD-TamilNadu
13.Dam InterState / International
14.Dam Interstate / International Agreement
15.Dam as per Parliamentary ConstituencyVirudunagar
16.Seismic ZoneSeismic Zone-II
18.Type of DamEarthen
19.Length of Dam (Meter)1850
20.Max Height above Foundation (Meter)8.85
21.Spillway Gated / Ungated
22.Design Flood (Cumec)5012
23.Instrumentation Embeded in Dam
24.Total Volume Content of Dam (TCM)
25.Type of Spillway
26.Length of Spillway (Meter)258
27.Crest Level of Spillway (m)
28.Spillway Capacity (Cumec)
29.Type of Energy Dissipation
30.Type of Spillway Gates
31.Number of Spillway Gates21
32.Size of Spillway Gates (Meter X Meter)17-Regular Vents-10.00 x 4.85 4- SV – 10.00 x 7.35
33.Mode of Operation
34.No of River Sluice
35.Sluice Purpose
36.Size of Sluice (Meter X Meter)
free- 43.89
38.Structure CodeD01098